Nourish to Flourish

Kids Immune Health

Key nutrients for proper immune system function

Easy Daily Greens

Phytonutrients from organic whole-food based sources

Post Training Whole-Food Nourishment

Replenish your muscles with amino acids and nourishment necessary for healing and size!

Whole-Food mixes

SP Complete

SP Complete Dairy-Free

SP Complete Chocolate

SP Complete Vanilla

Whey Pro Complete

Veg-E Complete Pro Vanilla

Whole-Food daily packs

Daily General Health


Daily Immune System Vegetarian

Daily Bone Health


Daily Female


Replenish your body the minerals and nutrients it needs to heal.


Maintain your nutritional regimen for the opportunity to heal and strengthen.


Get on with your life. Stay healthy, fit and strong. Pursue your dreams.

If you are one of those “extra-ordinary” health pursuing fitness freaks then our content is for you!

We broadcast how to support and fortify weak and malnourished bodies.

“But I I eat healthy and stay active. I’m not malnourished…” Yea… Right…

The Taigs have learned how to easily apply a flourishing lifestyle after 20 years in private practice.

Get on with your life!

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